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There are many ways to use the PediaNetwork because it has multiple advertising and marketing opportunities available for the business community.

What are YOU currently doing to market and advertise your business?

How are each of the things working for you?

The Internet is the MOST effective way to advertise your business. It's not optional anymore.

Everything else is MORE expensive and less effective.

Internet Facts:
1. The Internet makes everything else you are currently doing work better.

2. It's Interactive - It ENGAGES your customers.

3. It works better over time; NOT worse. It lets you ENGAGE your customers to find out what  
    they want and need.

4. It's the ONLY way to win against MegaStores and bigger city competitors.  

5. The PediaNetwork™ can be YOUR a portal to the entire planet.

6. The PediaNetwork™ delivers your message with MORE authenticity and credibility than you can 
    do by yourself.

7. The PediaNetwork™ provides MULTIPLE access points to your information instead of ONLY one
    via geographic and consumer interest Web sites.

8. The PediaNetwork™ can provide you MULTIPLE marketing opportunities.

9. The PediaNetwork™ provides you cutting edge technology you can afford.

10.The PediaNetwork™ offers real customer support one-on-one to answer your questions.

The Bottom Line:
The PediaNetwork™ is GUARANTEED to work or your money back! What other media choice you now are using gives you that kind of guarantee?

To reach us; Email us at  or .

If you would like to write to us, or call us; you may contact one of these ISI offices:


c/o Information Superbrand Inc. (ISI)
7545 Irvine Center Drive, Suite 200
Irvine, CA 92618

West Coast - Irvine, CA Office:
Phone: 949-623-8425 (Ask for Eric Park)

Midwest - Omaha, NE Office:
Phone: 402-707-2826 (Ask for Jerry Tegtmeier)
Fax: 866-654-0553 (Toll Free)